You always look gorgeous with long, curved eyelashes that help shape your eyes and make you feel confident. More and more people are switching from glue strip lashes to magnetic eyelashes nowadays. Magnetic eyelashes promise no mess and no glue, with this alone you’ll know the cleaning will be easier plus you can use the product longer. The benefits of magnetic lashes are abundant. They’re easy to apply, making them an ideal option for beginners. Additionally, magnetic lashes are reusable, saving you the time and money you would otherwise spend purchasing new pairs.


  • You go to great lengths to choose the perfect lashes before you purchase and apply them. Cleaning your lashes is very important in maintaining that polished and pristine look. Fortunately, magnetic lashes are low-maintenance and don’t require you to devote an extensive amount of time to clean them.
  • Since magnetic eyelashes use eyeliner to have a grip on your eyes that can be the main source of something we need to clean. Also if you are into adding extra mascara that should also be something we need to clean. By keeping your magnetic lashes clean, you will prolong the number of uses you get from the lashes. This will save you money in the long run.

Now follow the proper way to clean your magnetic eyelashes and what you will need to do this, it is important to clean it properly without destroying it.


This method will help you clean your lashes in a few easy steps. To clean your magnetic lashes properly.

What you will need to prepare ?

  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton swab
  • Cotton rounds
  • 90% alcohol
  • Eye makeup remover (oil-free)

Step 1. Remove Your Magnetic Lashes

Before cleaning your lashes washing your hands to prevent passing any bacteria onto the lashes.

To begin the process of cleaning your lashes you want to gently remove them from the eyeliner first. We recommend taking the outer corner of the lash band and slowly pulling towards your nose. Whatever you do, do not rip them off. Be extra careful during this step to avoid damaging the lashes.

Step 2.Removing the Eyeliner

It is important to clean your natural lashes and eyelids and make sure that all of your makeup is off. Removing magnetic eyeliner is no different from removing any normal eyeliner. The same makeup remover works.

You could soak a cotton bud with eye makeup remover, then swipe the cotton bud against the eyeliner.Do note our eyeliners are design to be smudge proof and water proof so they can be slightly harder to remove compared to normal eyeliners.

We found that the "rolling cotton bud technique" works best to remove our eyeliner. So basically, using a cotton bud soaked with Micellar Water (or any makeup remove) and then gently roll away the eyeliner.

This method is very gentle on the skin and will also prevent makeup remover from getting into the eyes.

Step 3. Clean the Magnets

Take a look at the tiny magnets on the lash band. To ensure your lashes and magnets are perfectly clean, you should use 90% alcohol. Simply coat a cotton swab with alcohol and run it along the strip of the lashes and the magnets until all of the remaining magnetic eyeliner residues are removed. As this will ensure they remain effective for the next use.

Step 4. Clean Your Magnetic Lashes

You want to clean them of any eyeliner residue that may be left. This will ensure that your magnetic lashes stay in top condition. You just need to soak up the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover such as micellar water (Don't use any oil-based remover). Then, gently rub the soaked cotton pad against the magnetic lashes. This step will help dissolve makeup and eyeliner left on the lash. Make sure to use small movements and light pressure, as you don't want to distort the shape of the lashes.

Step 5. Dry Your Magnetic Lashes

It's extremely important to dry the lashes properly after cleaning them. You can achieve this by placing them on a paper towel and leaving them to air dry.

Step 6. Store Your Magnetic Lashes

  • Many lashes get lost or damaged when they aren't kept in a safe place. To ensure you get to use your Magnetic Lashes for as long as possible, you want to put them away safely.
  • Replace your Gorgeous lashes in the original storing case so that they keep their shape until you’re ready to rock them again. Make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep your lashes in a dark place, such as your vanity drawer. We advise keeping them out of light or direct sunlight, as the sun is notorious for changing the color of eyelashes.

Cleaning magnetic lashes it's important if you want to give your lashes longer life, keep its strong magnet hold, and "sit" on your eye beautifully. It is not hard to keep your magnetic lash clean. We recommend cleaning your lashes after every use. Even though the lash may looks pretty clean but there are still some dust and eyeliner every time we use. Like if you wear mascara (on your actual lash), it may end up on the lashes too.

Anyway, if you apply and clean your Magnetic Lashes properly, they will serve you for a long time up to 60 wears.

Gorgeous Lashes most comfortable fit and very easy to apply lash that will blow your mind when you see the goddess in you. If you have any questions, need help choosing a lash style, please contact us at


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